Tip Tuesday! – What’s Working For Us At Home?

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Welcome to the first installment of Tip Tuesday! I’ve got my sidekick (the girl) right here with me today! Together, we will be sharing some tips about being at home that we’ve found helpful so far! We have a goal to share tips with you each Tuesday because, well, why not? We want to share our successes (and even failures) with you! Things that work for us may or may not work for you, but we aim to help in any way we can. Read on to see what we’re up to!




1- Always Get An Appropriate Amount Of Sleep!

When we were part of the public school, we had a set bedtime every school night. Obviously, most parents find this extremely important for their children. So do we! I’m not saying sleep isn’t important. What we like about being at home all the time is that there is no longer a set time for bed. There’s no reason to have to wake up extremely early to get ready to go to school. My kiddos aren’t staying up until midnight, but it’s not a fight anymore to get them in bed.

2- Always Have A Routine! (Even if it’s flexible!)

I’m a planner. There’s no way around that. We have a schedule and the kids and I try to follow it. After three weeks of being at home, we’ve established a flexible routine. Once the kids wake up, we spend some time reading. Breakfast is next and the schooling begins thereafter. We don’t have a set learning schedule. Sometimes lessons are shorter (or longer) than the one prior. We take everything in stride. It’s fun to be flexible and not tied down to one way of doing things.

3- Always Attempt To Do Your Best!

This is something we all decided was one of our number one rules when beginning home school. My littles have been doing a great job. They’re 4 and 8. They disagree on a regular basis. This experience of being home together has had its ups and downs, but I’m loving watching them play and learn together! The girl is helping the boy, and in a similar fashion, when he can, he helps her, too! They have these breakthroughs, if you will, of actually genuinely enjoying each other!


1- Never lose focus!

What a broad thing to say! Allow us to explain. Both of the kiddos have relatively short attention spans. It’s important to realize this about your children if you’re wanting to teach them anything! Short breaks are a necessity, if taken at the right times. Try not to allow too many breaks, especially if in the middle of a lesson. Something we’ve found is to work on the lessons and do the assessments with few breaks. This way, the retention rate is higher and information is not lost due to an impromptu break.


2- Never forget who the teacher is!

I won’t pretend it’s easy to be both mom and teacher simultaneously. It’s definitely presented its challenges. However, the littles and I have had discussions about this very thing. We all realize that if we’re learning something, it’s important that they see me as their teacher. They have respect for me as both their mom and teacher. Once we all realized the boundary, things are working out much better.


3- Don’t force something if there is zero interest.

As an educator, this concept was difficult for me. I felt like if the curriculum said to do it, it needed to get done. This is simply not the case in our home! I feel terrible if I’m forcing my kiddos to learn something that isn’t of value to them. We don’t skip things; we’re simply not spending an extensive amount of time on it. For a quick example, the girl is just not interested in science. I’m fine with it! We’re supplementing otherwise and finding things she is interested in! She is experimenting in the kitchen and she’s learning and loving that! Meanwhile, the boy is doing his thing, too. We work a little on reading, and when he’s over it, we take a break. I don’t want to push them too much and make them resent learning time. That would defeat the purpose of learning at home.



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Advice From The 8-Year-Old

“Homeschooling is something that allows me to learn something faster than if I were learning it at school. It’s easier for me to do more things, like go on trips or more field trips if I’m at home. I can just take my work along if I want to! I like learning from home because I can do things at home I couldn’t do at school. I also like that I can have snacks at different times throughout the day! My mom has let me create a YouTube channel, which I would have never gotten to do if I weren’t at home with her!”

Check out the girl’s channel, Making Mountain Memories! She’d really appreciate it if you could subscribe! She’s even learning about online blogs and analytics!


Advice From The Adult

Homeschooling is extremely rewarding. I have no doubt this is the best decision for our family. We’re able to experience so much more together. We make memories each day and we’re not even trying to. It is this opportunity that is teaching our kids the importance of learning and spending time together. Why not pair memory-making with learning? It’s doing amazing things for our family!

If you are homeschooling, keep it up. I think it’s one of the best decisions we have ever made. You’re doing great things for your family, mama! If you are struggling, please keep it going. There will be bumps in our road, but the end result will lead us to greater places and opportunities if we persevere. I would love to hear what’s working for you and your family. Please leave us a comment! We would love to connect with you! Share your “Always and Never” tips!


Live Your Best Life,
Perfect Chaos



4 thoughts on “Tip Tuesday! – What’s Working For Us At Home?”

  1. Nate MC says:

    All great tips, especially not forcing stuff that isn’t interesting at all! And I’ve said for the longest time that people/parents shouldn’t spend too much time on something that isn’t that interesting, but don’t just avoid doing it. This tip alone can be used in many aspects of life, so I’m glad you mentioned it.

    1. admin says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Nate!  You’re right – forcing something never works out in the end!  

  2. Henderson says:

    Ah, this i

    s a really great one here. You see my sister homeschools and works at home at the same time. Honestly it is a very good thing and I envy her a lot because she gets to spend time with her child and create memories too just like you said. I feel this are very good tips and I believe that not losing focus is important because one might wander off or the child might start a very thing that make one turn from a teacher back to a mother. It’s great that you can have important conversations with your kids on what you are at a particular time. I’ll share this with my sister, she should have a thing or two to learn from this.

    1. admin says:

      Hey, Henderson!  Thanks for stopping by and sending your sister here as well!  I’m finding that I love being home with my kiddos.  It’s the best thing for all of us!  🙂 

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