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Hey, Hey! Welcome! It’s that time of the week again when I, the new stay-at-home-mama, get to share some words of wisdom with you. If you’re just visiting for the first time, greetings! Let me give you a quick recap. As of a couple of months ago, I ditched my job and became a stay-at-home-mom. New this fall, began a stint in homeschooling our two littles, ages 4 and 8. You can read more about us RIGHT HERE. We are on a wonderful journey and I want to document it all, in hopes to encourage anyone else in the same situation.

Busy. Busier. Busiest.

We’ve been a bunch of movers and shakers lately. In finding ways to best accommodate life on a single income, we have downsized homes and officially moved out of the place we were in. It’s been an exciting few weeks as we’ve packed to move and completed renovations to the new abode. We’re semi-settled now, thank goodness, but we’re living among several unopened boxes and totes. This leads me to this week’s tip!


You know from previous posts that I’m generally a supporter of routines. However, one of my recent discoveries while homeschooling, is that set routines aren’t necessary for all. They can be detrimental to learning. We’ve let go of the theory of having a set schedule each day, which has proven to be a blessing throughout our moving process. We have still found the time and a place for learning each day. Keeping everything organized, though? That’s been a little rough.

The Solution

The good news is that in my attempt to stay organized from the beginning of the school year, due to the impending move, I tried to simplify our stash of school stuff. I knew things would get crazy right about now, so I tried to be proactive about not accumulating too many items for our homeschooling endeavors. One of my best traits is organization, so we began this move in a pretty detailed and set fashion. When all the school items arrived in a couple of totes, I got right to work setting up space for the kiddos to house their workbooks, devices, utensils, and other supplies.

This Week’s Tip – Get Organized!

Storage containers! Invest in a system that works for you and your family in the space that you have. We are not blessed with a separate room for our school. We use a corner of our dining room to house the school supplies, and I’m okay with that! One of the best things about learning at home is that the learning isn’t taking place at a desk. My kids like to roam around the house and choose a comfortable spot to work. Sometimes, that’s the floor, the couch, the pantry, or under their bed. They’re making choices for their learning, and that’s a win for everyone!

Organization Addiction

If there was a way to look up the statistics on people who purchase the most storage containers, I’m sure my name would be listed! For reals! I have a full-blown addiction to organization, so I buy bins and baskets and totes or all shapes, sizes, and colors. I have large totes in my garage full of smaller totes and baskets. I’m unsure where I acquired this addiction, but it oftentimes drives my family crazy. What’s wrong with keeping everything neat and tidy? I rest my case.

My Choice For Storage

While I’ve several means to organize in our home, I do have a few favorites. When deciding what to pack, leave, or sell before moving, I knew exactly which storage containers I just couldn’t part with. Below, please find my favorites. If you’re so inclined, check them out. (Disclaimer: The photos are linked to affiliate links, where if you decide to purchase something, I will receive a commission, at no extra cost to you.)


Seville Classics 10-Drawer Organizer Cart, Pearlescent Multi-Color, Multicolor (Pearlized)

I have two of these organizer carts. What I love about them is that you can leave the wheels on for a movable cart, or take them off for a stationary one. I also love the colors and the fact that it has 10 drawers. Because my OCD tells me that my organizers should match my decor, I put these carts in each of the kiddos’ walk-in closets. It’s the perfect addition to sit next to the nightstands I turned into desks. I’ve created their own separate offices if you will, and they love it. I gave them each a wiggle chair to accompany their little desk, too.

——-> Check It Out!


AmazonBasics Kitchen Rolling Microwave Cart on Wheels, Storage Rack, Wood/Chrome

Our dining room got a lot smaller when we added our table and chairs. Imagine that! I learned quickly that I needed something small enough to put in the corner, but large enough to house the majority of our school material. I brought this microwave cart with us from our previous house, thinking I would use it in the pantry of the new one. Plans changed, however, when I realized it would work perfectly for school storage. I love this little cart! On it, each kiddo has a shelf and we keep our everyday items stored on it. Of course, I’m able to further organize with smaller and colorful baskets!

——-> Check It Out!


Boraam 98520 Sonoma Wire-Brush Kitchen Cart

This cart is currently on my wish list. I will eventually purchase this and replace the above microwave cart. I will still need something for the pantry, and the microwave cart will fit perfectly there. I can’t wait to get my hands on this kitchen cart. It will fit right in with my decor and be the perfect place to store all of our school items.

——-> Check It Out!


Final Thoughts 

While it is true that we have been very busy lately, that’s no excuse to let things slide. We were somehow able to maintain teaching the kiddos while tending to a host of other things necessary for our move. We’re finally starting to slow down a little, which has been great. Schoolwork is back to normal and we are getting more organized by the day. If you’re homeschooling, what do you like to use for organization? Drop some advice in the comments! Thank you for stopping by!

Live Your Best Life,
Perfect Chaos



14 thoughts on “Tip Tuesday ~ Home School Tip For The Busy Family”

  1. mattias says:

    Not until now, my homeschooling has been basically cool but somewhat stufffy because we make use of a particular shelf for the organisation and I must say that, it is always disjointed. Seeing the list up here, I feel a sense of need to thrust myself more into the organisation of the homeschooling kits and materials which would make the atmosphere much more like a classroom. That is cool then. I would surely give this a chance right now and buy one of those that you have shared in this post. Thumbs up

    1. admin says:

      Hi, Mattias!  Thank you for stopping by and reading.  It’s difficult to remain organized when there is much stuff to organize.  That’s why I try to limit our collection.  I do love these drawers to organize!  Thanks for checking them out!  

  2. Chloe says:

    Hello there, thanks for taking your time to put uo this really amazing post. I was just kling knowing how my difficult routine with my kids have become so easy following these suggestions you give here. I am currently working on how to maintain a balance between my kids as the dad as he is my big baby as well, lol. Looking at getting things arranged, I’ll love to get the Seville classic 10-drawer to help keep thier stuffs well. Best regards.

    1. admin says:

      Hello!  Routines work for some, that’s for sure!  I love the looks of things when they’re all organized, neat and orderly!  You’ll love the cart – go grab one!  🙂  Cheers!

  3. Shan says:

    Thank you for the great organization tips! If I could improve on just one thing, I have to admit organization would be it! Somehow in what I call ‘organized chaos’ I (almost) always know where everything is – the problem is, no one else can find a thing!

    The microwave cart on wheels would be perfect in my office space! I have always been a fan of small multi-colored bins but I never seem to keep them organized as I’d like. I think making a special spot for each bin, such as on the shelves of this cart, I might have better luck. Thanks so much for the suggestions!

    1. admin says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Shan!  My microwave cart has served its purpose and then some!  I’m finding some cute baskets for the kiddos to use as well.  It’s important to teach organization strategies!  (Just another lesson during the home school hours!)  Best of luck organizing your office space!  

  4. Jones says:

    This is really nice and interesting. When my aunt moved down here, I Stayed with her for a couple of days just to help sort out stuffs and arrange, she was homeschooling her kids but just as it was in your situation, space Wasn’t on her side so she needed to use cartons and chocolate boxes to pack their stuffs like books, pencils, painting materials and so on. I’m sure sharing this article with her will be of great help. Thanks to posting this interesting article, it was fun reading through.

    1. admin says:

      Thanks for stopping by!  Your aunt sounds like an organizer as well, using anything she can find to sort and arrange!  Thanks for sharing my tips with her – I hope she finds something for her smaller spaces!  Cheers!

  5. John says:

    Oh wow, I like how you can really deal with everything at home. Like I have said before, we are planning on getting my little sister to be home schooled just like yours and your tips are always very good. It’s true that being busy isn’t an excuse to let things slide. I really admire and envy you. I’m glued here for some more tips. I like your storage systems there. I should give one a try myself. Nice one!

    1. admin says:

      Your kind words make me smile.  Thank you for your honest thoughts; I appreciate them.  I’ll keep writing and posting tips centered around what works (or not) for my family.  Check back often!  Cheerio!

  6. Willy says:

    This is a really amazing and interesting article I must say. My friend is a stay at home mum and it has been a whole experience all this while…. I must say that your post is not just motivating and helpful but also insightful to mothers and people who are passionate in bringing up upright and smart kids. This method of organization is really an amazing method I think my friend needs to set things in place because if how busy she always get.

    1. admin says:

      Hi there, Willy!  I’m happy to hear that your friend is also homeschooling her kiddos!  As a mom, it’s absolutely rewarding to be able to help steer your own children in the best direction as you see fit.  Thank you for commenting; wish your friend good luck for me!  Cheerio!

  7. Henderson says:

    Oh very nice. The way you can juxtapose working online and schooling the kids is something I will always be fascinated about. I can agree that you must be very busy but you are very strong honestly and I hope to keep seeing more of you here. Thank you for the tips that you have given here. Best regards from me.

    1. admin says:

      Hello!  Thank you for the encouraging words!  It is difficult to hold everything together some days, but the rewards are so great.  We’re making memories daily around here!  Thanks for stopping by!

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