Popcorn For Dinner? We Think Yes!

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Popcorn For Dinner 

Being a stay at home mom has many advantages.  One of which is having time to prepare dinner without being rushed.  However, there are days that it isn’t possible.  We sometimes opt for popcorn.  You may be wondering if we’ve fallen off the crazy train by thinking popcorn for dinner is a good choice.  Well, to clarify, we’re still on the crazy train around here AND we’re eating popcorn for dinner.  Oh, heavens, not always, of course!  Just every now and then as a treat.  I have another confession.  Are you sitting down?  We usually have ice cream with our popcorn.  If not by the scoopful with delicious toppings, we have shakes.

An Actual Meal 

Really.  We’re not crazy!  Are we the only ones?  Tell me you’ve done it, too.  If not, at least promise me you’ll give it a whirl; your kids will love the idea!  Before we began doing this, I learned that my grandma would do the same thing for my dad and his siblings when they were younger.  When I heard that, I thought it was brilliant!  Pure genius!  I have to admit, though, I never saw it coming from my prim and proper grandmother.  Gosh, she’s the best, and that news just made her that much better!

Family Movie Night 

Our evenings of popcorn and ice cream usually revolve around a movie.  Nine times out of ten, it is a spur-of-the-moment decision.  Sometimes, nothing sounds good for dinner.  Other times, we have no other choice!  We always seem to have popcorn and ice cream, though.  When we really want to go crazy, the Mister and I allow the kids to eat their popcorn and ice cream in the living room WHILE watching the movie!  This is a strict no-no in our house, so when it happens, the kids really do think we’ve lost our marbles.



Thoughts On Popcorn 

I have my opinions about popcorn.  There are several different options to choose from, right?  You can buy microwaveable, pre-popped, or you can buy the kernels and pop it on your own.  Before you buy it, you then have to decide what flavor you want.  I recently saw one brand advertise 5 different flavors ranging from 94% Fat-Free Butter, Movie Theater Butter,  Butter, Butter Lovers, and Extreme Butter.  I’m sorry, but how is a person supposed to choose from that array?  Those kinds of choices make my head spin, so I stick to buying the kernels.  This way, I don’t need to worry about any additional ingredients or chemicals that might accompany a package of microwaveable popcorn.

The Many Ways To Pop It

Oh, getting back to my grandmother’s days, she popped corn on her stove.  With a little oil in a pan, she’d get the temperature just right and those kernels would pop and fill her pan.  She’d drizzle a little butter and salt on top and feed her four children.  In our early marriage days, when I decided to go on strike from purchasing microwaveable packaged popcorn, I bought some paper lunch sacks and would pop the corn in those bags.  I’d microwave the kernels, and they’d be a delicious treat once garnished with salt and butter.  We took a leave of absence from popcorn for a while.  I’m unsure why, but it happened.

The Weirdest Accidental Gift Ever

We moved into a new home once.  The previous owners left us a few things and we were aware of almost all of the items, except for one thing.  One weird silver-looking pot with a wooden handle and a crank.  I had no idea what it was for.  When I got to investigating it, I realized it was a popcorn popper for the stovetop.  It’s called a Whirley-Pop.  I laughed out loud when I read the name.  I had to do a Google search to see how to use it.  Come to find out, it’s much like the old stove-top poppers!  Who knew?

Shocking Results 

Looking back, I regret ever making fun of the gadget.  This popcorn popper has become one of my favorite things to use.  It’s so much fun, too!  I have to admit that making popcorn this way has proven to make the best-tasting popcorn I’ve ever had outside of a movie theater.  Each kernel is popped to perfection, leaving very few unpopped.  There is little to no waste, which I love.  In 3 minutes, you can make as much popcorn as you would from a microwaveable bag.  It can make up to 6-quarts in one batch.  When the corn is popped, just like my Gram’s used to do, I drizzle melted butter over the popcorn and sprinkle some salt on top of that.  We also like to add the flavored seasonings you can buy these days.  (Our favorite is the Kettle Corn flavor.)

The Whirley-Pop World 

I’ve done some researching on this popcorn popper.  I thought it would be a great gift for those folks who seem to have everything.  You know the ones… It’s difficult to buy a gift for people when they either appear to have everything, or you just don’t know what to get them.  Enter the Whirley-Pop!  Everyone needs one.  Take my advice – if they have children, the Whirley-Pop is the slam-dunk gift!  Get them some corn to go with it.  A little bit of oil is needed as well.  (I prefer to use coconut oil as my oil of choice!)  Here’s a fun fact I just found:  The Whirley-Pop is currently ranked #1 or #2 in many reviews I’ve read for 2019.  Obviously, this isn’t a surprise to me.

You Need One 

Not only do you need to buy one, but you need to buy several, I am guessing.  Your sister needs one, your brother’s family, your nephew who just started college, your daughter who just had her second baby needs one.  Heck, get one for your grams!  She’ll love the old-fashioned design!


To make the process easier for you, I’ve linked you to the Whirley-Pop.  What I like about the following option is that it’s already packaged as a gift-set.  You can choose from 4 different popping kits.  Just click on the picture.

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——-> Check It Out!

Final Thoughts 

Our kiddos are at the perfect age to enjoy movie nights these days.  They especially love it when popcorn and ice cream is served for dinner.  I love surprising them with an impromptu sweet and salty meal and movie.  Go against the normal.  Dare to make your kiddos smile.  They’ll thank you for it, and who knows, maybe one day your grandkids might think you’re the coolest grandparent ever when they find out about your fun dinner habits!  Leave some love in the comments – let me know how it worked in your home!  Maybe you already do this?  Tell me about it!  I want to hear your fun stories!

Live Your Best Life,
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28 thoughts on “Popcorn For Dinner? We Think Yes!”

  1. Ben Clapton says:

    Popcorn is the best! So many great memories with it, but it’s so much better when it’s fresh. Our favourite way to eat it is to pour in some maltesers into the bowl of hot popcorn and mix them in. The hot popcorn starts to melt the chocolate a bit, and it’s this glorious mixture of salty and sweet.

    1. admin says:

      Oh, YUM!  Thanks for the recommendation, Ben!  I’ll have to try that out!  It sounds delicious.  You’re right – freshly popped popcorn can’t be beat!  That’s why I love the Whirley-Pop!  Thanks for stopping by!  Cheers!

  2. Henderson says:

    It was pretty funny when I first saw this post. Popcorn for dinner, when I read on however, I could understand the point and I think it’s really a great idea. Usually, I only take popcorn at the movies but why not bring the movies to my house at night at let me enjoy a blissful night with my little sister. Sounds like a great idea. That gadget over there is a real beauty and I have to get one for myself. Let’s see how good I am in making good pop corn. Nice post.

    1. admin says:

      Seriously, Henderson, the Whirley-Pop makes the BEST popcorn!  And, if you do the math, I’m sure it’ll pay for itself after a couple uses!  Popcorn at the movies is so expensive!  You can make some at home now and enjoy it more often!  🙂

  3. Wayne says:

    Popcorn is one of, if not my favourite go-to treat but I never thought of making it a meal. My wife and I share a big bowl about once or twice a month and I’m the one that gets to make it.

    These days we make it in a hot air popper but back in the day, I have made it in an old pot with oil and sometimes just some margarine in the bottom (don’t use that anymore), but I found that it burnt if you weren’t careful.

    I’ve even tried the micro popcorn but not a big fan.  I’d rather pop it myself.  I’m a bit old fashioned that way. Well… I am 70 so.

    As for the “Whirley-Pop” maker?  I have seen them around but have never had the opportunity to use one.  Seems like a simple way to make it and looks like it could be fun too.

    Might have to check into one just for kicks, you know, for the good old days, and share with the grandson too,


    1. admin says:

      Please do, Wayne!  Go get yourself one!  Your grandson will love it and if you add it to his dinner one night, he’ll think you’re the most hip grandad around!  Popcorn is a great snack.  I’m glad you enjoy it!  But seriously, try the Whirley-Pop; you’ll never have better popcorn.  Thank you for commenting!  I appreciate it!

  4. Sirmy says:

    Haha. Such a fun post on popcorn. Popcorn is always fun because you can never get full of it.

    I have learned a few ideas on tastes and the different varieties I can choose, and I am going to try them out. Your family sounds a lot of fun though, thanks for writing.

    1. admin says:

      Of course!   Thank you for reading and commenting!  🙂

  5. John says:

    We really are lucky in out world today to have the advanced gadgets we do. This whirly pop is a very good appliance that one can make use for making popcorn. I really think it’ll be a great idea for one to  use it for a good movie night at home with the whole family. I doubt is my own grandma ever made popcorn for my dad. Lol. It’s a very good post you have up here and thank you for a good recommendation. I’ll check it out. Best regards!

    1. admin says:

      You just never know about grandmas these days!  🙂  Please do check it out.  The Whirley-Pop is a fun gadget and it makes delicious popcorn!  You’ll never want to buy microwaveable bags again.  I promise!  Thank you for stopping by!

  6. Peter says:

    I love hearing about people flying in the face of the norm. One of my kids asked for Cornflakes for dinner one night. Initially I said no and then I thought, why can’t he? So he did. We still talk and laugh about it. Though some may frown on the popcorn and ice cream for dinner concept, I think it helps breed creativity because of the unconscious learning it inspires. It allows your kids to think outside the box. Why does ice cream have to be a treat….I know I have had pancakes and Ice cream as a meal, so long as it is in moderation, I see no harm.

    Great parenting even if the naysayers don’t like it!

    1. admin says:

      Thank you, Peter!  I’m sure there are many naysayers, which is unfortunate.  We don’t do this often; it’s a treat in our house.  I also make sure everyone brushes teeth before bed!  I like how you said it breeds creativity!  Why not have Cornflakes or pancakes?  They don’t just have to be breakfast items!  I love mixing things up in our house.  It’s one of the best things about being a parent.  Everything is fine in moderation.  I appreciate your comment – thank you!  Blessings!

  7. Joe says:

    This is brilliant! Never thought of having popcorn as a meal on its own, but it certainly makes things fun and interesting. Having them with ice cream sounds seriously yummy and I’m going to give this a try! I’m sure my kids will love them too. I’ve made a few attempts in the past to make my own popcorn but they never turned out very nice. Whirley-Pop seems easy to use and I’ll definitely check it out! 

    1. admin says:

      Hi, Joe!  Thank you for stopping by!  I have no doubt that you’ll love the product of the popcorn from the Whirley-Pop!  Your kids will love you for the popcorn and ice cream dinner as well!  It’s fun to change things up every now and then!  Good luck with your new popcorn adventures!  Cheers!

  8. Chill says:

    My wife is going to love this she is a stay at home mom and though I don’t necessarily agree with it she loves eating popcorn for dinner so I understand the concept. I thought it was just her lol. I’m going to keep her posted on this because she is not going to believe its other people out here that does what she does. Thanks for this

    1. admin says:

      I am THRILLED that I’m not the only one!  Thank you for sharing this!  Please tell your wife I like the way she thinks!  🙂  Thank you for stopping by!  I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment!  All the best! 

  9. Stella says:

    This is such a fun post! I bet your kids will have great memories of the nights they had popcorn and ice-cream for supper. It’s always fun to do the spontaneous fun things as a family.

    My grown son and I sometimes binge watch Netflix shows together. And, we like our popcorn. I find the microwave bags at the store too big most of the time. And, we have a condition where we have to watch our fat content. But I love your idea of putting some in a paper bag and popping however much you want in the microwave, then adding your own toppings. I’m going to try that!

    Stella 🙂

    1. admin says:

      Thanks so much for stopping by, Stella!  I’m glad you love popcorn!  It’s a great treat (especially when paired with I’ve cream)!  Try the paper bag method… it works really well!  Blessings!

  10. Tom says:


    This is a fantastic idea! I love popcorn and it is a pretty simple thing to make too. I like the idea of the whirlypop, it looks quick and easy to use. I like to add different flavours to my popcorn. Have you tried marmite popcorn? If you like marmite it is amazing, if you have someone in the house that doesn’t, the fumes may make them leave lol.

    1. admin says:

      Hi, Tom!  I’ve never heard of marmite popcorn!  I’m off to Google it!  Thanks for the recommendation!!  Cheerio!!

  11. Pentrental says:

    Popcorn has always been one of my favorite snacks, and to be honest I hadn’t really thought about eating it for dinner until now, but you really have me thinking here. This could be something that someone on a diet could implement from time to time for sure. I remember the days with Jiffy pop and the aluminum stove top bubble, and I’m glad to see the idea has carried over here with the Whirley-Pop. This product would definitely bring back some memories and it looks outstanding. I’ll save your post as I think this would make a great gift with holiday season coming up, excellent recommendation!

    1. admin says:

      Thank you for popping in!  We love the Whirley-Pop and so will your family and friends!  It’s a great gift idea for sure!  🙂

  12. shirian says:

    It’s a great suggestion to try at least one evening having Popcorn for dinner and enjoying with friends and family. I was crazy about all kinds of popcorn when I was little boy. Back then when I would return from school I’d always buy Pre-popcorn but it was so delicious that I had to give it more to my peers, so my mom had to do something for her lovely kid and make it at home. It was a great memory and I have never forgotten about it.. Like you said there are several brands in the market to make one’s head spin. I noticed that today’s kids are really into these colorful snacks. I had never thought to make it by myself until now.but I am really trying to get this stuff to see the outcome. I am not sure whether or not microwaveable type could assist to get the best taste. So I prefer to do it right with your recommendation. Thanks

    1. admin says:

      Thanks for weighing in!  Popcorn will produce many memories in our home as well!  Your childhood memories involving popcorn make me smile. Go grab yourself a Whirley-Pop and start making some more memories!  🙂 Cheers!

  13. Rodarrick says:

    It is really funny at first to see the headline that it was talking about popcorn for dinner but then, wow! It really is interesting to set up the home on some days for that perfect movie night at hone rather than going out for it. I will surely try this out with my kids this coming days. At least, it would be fun too. Besides, I eil suggest this to my wife, she knows a lot more than me about all of these. Thanks

    1. admin says:

      Thanks for ‘popping’ in!  🙂  We just love mixing things up around here, and popcorn for dinner is one of my favorites!  Your kids will love it, too!  Thanks for suggesting this to your wife!  I’m off to pop some corn!  Ciao!

  14. Dane says:

    Hello there, you just took me back to when I just got married about 6 years ago, me and my husband stay up all nigh littering the place with pop corn because we are seeing a movie and after the arrival of my little girl she wouldn’t sleep without her dad bedside her, and work and stuff just stopped that fun. Well I would plan trying such nights again with my husband and see an horror movies  lol. Thanks for sharing.

    1. admin says:

      Thanks for stopping by!  I’m sorry to hear that the popcorn littering and late-night movie watching stopped when you had a baby!  It’s definitely time to bring those times back!  Go grab yourself a Whirley-Pop and plan a popcorn dinner/movie night to surprise your husband!  

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