I Need A YouTube Channel

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Gasp!  Huh?  The girl tells me it’s her dream to put videos on YouTube.  If I’m honest, I know nothing of how to even begin that venture.  I ask her what her content will be and she doesn’t have a clue.  Mind you, this has been a DREAM for her; who am I to squash it?  

A Gift To Gab

She is 8 going on 25.  From somewhere other than me, she has inherited an inate gift to literally verbalize everything that pops into her head.  She knew the alphabet at age one, and has been chatting ever since.  This kid sings in the shower, talks as she works, makes noises when she moves, and converses with anyone and everyone who will listen.  Oh, who am I kidding?  She even talks to those who don’t listen!

A Legit Dream

I say it’s her dream as if she’s only just mentioned it.  Nope.  She has wanted to showcase material on YouTube for years.  I would say for about four years now, she’s wanted me to show her how to get started.  I was not familiar with all YouTube had to offer then, and I certainly don’t claim to now.  Why not dive into it? That’s been my motto lately: why not.

Lemons = Lemonade

If you’ve read about us on our Perfect Chaos page, you know I’m hanging at home with the kids now.  Gone are my teaching days in public education.  We’re homeschooling.  We have found bits of our day when the learning is done, to spend some time looking into YouTube channels.  I bit the bullet a couple of days ago and we created a channel!

Squashed Dreams

As I mentioned above, I am not in the business of tearing down the dreams of my 8-year-old.  However, I’m also a realist and am trying not to underestimate the amount of work that I may have just signed myself up for by agreeing to the channel.  My plate’s full, that’s the reality.  But what about room for dessert?  Sure!  I’ll add a slice of YouTube to my dessert plate and we’ll make it happen!

The Beginning

It’s tiring and exhausting. I have a bazillion ideas and am not able to focus on just one.  We’re starting several new things around here: homeschool, single-income, part-time side jobs, blogging, researching other online options, etc.  Now we add a YouTube channel.  I’m slightly tired but excited to be opening all these new windows and doors.  I’m trying to take everything in stride.  New beginnings of anything in life have obstacles – and we’re going to have them.  I’m committing to making an honest effort in all of our newnesses!

Making Mountain Memories

Check out our channel!  We struggled with a name.  It ties into this website, so it works.  As parents, we struggled with even allowing a channel, as we want to semi-shelter our kiddos.  They don’t need additional exposure to things outside of the norm.  YouTube can be a scary place, but it can also be a very fun and educational environment if monitored.  We agreed to give this a try.  I fully committed, remember?


Zero Direction

We don’t have a focused path, but the girl wanted a start, so we have done just that.  Start.  I’m not a videographer, and you’ll soon understand.  What we’ve done is post a couple of short videos we created at home.  She wants to grow this into something bigger and take over the filming, so stay tuned.  I don’t know what will happen.  I’m internally rolling my eyes as I type this, because we could easily turn this into something great, or it could be a huge flop.  I’m trying to prepare her for the latter just in case.  We’ll continue it as long as she’s interested.

Fun So Far

She has far surpassed my expectations already.  In just the few short videos, she’s taken over the dialogue and wants little assistance from me.  She would record herself all day long if I let her.  (That is NO LIE!)  She’s even doing some research before we record anything so that she knows the content she’s speaking about.  It’s turning into a learning experience, for which the teacher in me is so thankful!  As long as we have the time to put into this, you can expect several videos in the future.

Next Up

While I can’t predict the future, it’s worth saying that the girl is excited about this new opportunity she’s been given.  She’s checking for views and subscriptions to her channel all the time.  I can’t convey that we’re just starting, so the 3-5 views she’s getting is a great starting number.  She thinks the numbers should skyrocket as soon as a video is posted.  As for the boy, he’s working on phonics, learning how to read, and is a master rhymer.  His dream is to have a 4-wheeler.  I don’t know how to work that angle to help him live his dream.  As for me, I’ll be here teaching, cleaning, writing, and filming.  The mister is back to school teaching.  We’re all just trying to perfect our new normal at home.  So far, no complaints.

Final Thoughts

Whether it’s a YouTube channel, baking a new dessert, starting a blog, creating a website, working from home or homeschooling your kids, let me offer some advice.  Don’t think too hard about it.  Don’t say no.  Say WHY NOT!  Jump in.  Hesitating makes it worse in the end.  Face each day and opportunity like it may be the last.  After all, it very well could be. Do everything with your whole heart.  Love with your whole heart.   At the end of the day, rest.  Wake refreshed the next day ready to try something new.  Tackle it with a smile.  I dare you.

Our Journey

has really only just begun.  I don’t know what tomorrow holds, but I will go into it thankful for a new day to spend with my littles.  If and when frustrations arise, we’ll go through it together here, turning each day into opportunities to make memories.  We look ahead to a bright future.  We invite you to tag along and either share our journey with us or let us help you with yours!  Check out my other side hustle here!  


If you have any questions, please leave a comment.  Do you have a YouTube channel for your kiddo/(s)?  Do you have one to recommend?  Share with us!  We’d love to check it out.

Live Your Best Life,
Perfect Chaos

2 thoughts on “I Need A YouTube Channel”

  1. Gerri says:

    Aww! Very cute kiddo! My daughter wanted to do a YouTube channel around this same age. I let her practice making videos on my phone, and after about 3 videos she lost interest. This was good for me because putting my children out there on the internet is scary. Now at 12, she has been making short videos on Tik Tok without her face and I monitor her account. She has also started a YouTube channel where she draws and animates short videos. They are kind of like animated comic books. It is a wonderful compromise! Do you have any thoughts on Tik Tok? I’ve read some good and bad reviews. Best of wishes to you and your daughter’s journey!

    1. admin says:

      Hi, Gerri! Thank you for stopping by! I agree with the scary aspect – but my girl is fearless. She has wanted a channel for forever! We haven’t posted lately, but she’s still practicing! I love watching her excel at what she loves! I’ve not heard of Tik Tok. I will definitely check it out, though! Thank you for recommending it! I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment! Blessings to you and best wishes to your daughter! 🙂

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