Cleaning Without Chemicals ~ Better Alternatives You Should Consider

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Today I’d like to share with you something we’ve been discussing quite a bit of lately. Recently, I wrote about my experience with a Creosote log and the many chemicals that are used in that product. The research led to excellent conversations between me and the kiddos regarding chemicals that are in our everyday products. One of our latest experiences has been learning more about chemicals and why it’s important that we clean our home without them, too.

Nostalgia memories in photographs

For as long as I can remember, the idea of cleaning was very present in my life. As a young child, I remember going to my Gram’s house. It seemed as though she was always cleaning! At the time, I thought it was fun to dust her many figurines she treasured. Many of my memories take me back to times of helping her clean. I’m quite certain she’s the one who taught me how to vacuum and wash dishes, the laundry, the windows, etc. These are just some things I’ve learned from my brilliantly genuine Gram.


The Norm chemical cleaners

Chemicals. My Gram’s house was clean, but it always smelled of chemicals. She and my Gramps owned a grocery store that was attached to their home. It seemed the cleaning was a never ending chore. Bless her heart. My Gram was always working. I can’t remember her sitting down to rest. Anyway, the chemicals. I remember one day asking her why she was wearing rubber gloves (she even wore them to wash the dishes). She gave me a little lesson on how cleaning agents dried out her hands, so to protect them from the harshness of the cleaners she used, she wore the gloves. Good trade-off, I suppose. But it was all I knew.


College Work housekeeper holding cleaners and mop

When I went away to college, I knew I needed a job to supplement the nonexistent income of a poor college student. I worked at a hotel. As a housekeeper, you learn things that really go on behind the cleaning scenes in such an establishment. (Another story for another day.) The products used were full of chemicals, and my body did not appreciate my using them. Not long after cleaning, and sometimes in the middle of it, a whole host of issues would pop up. My nose would start to run, my throat would become scratchy and dry, and many times, I’d go home with a headache. I never put two and two together until it was too late. Shame on me! Those blasted chemicals!



Admittedly, I carry my Gram’s love of cleaning into my own home. It was conveniently passed to my father, who also likes things to be neat and tidy. I guess I’m the lucky one who carries it among my siblings. It’s a great trait to have, but don’t ask my husband what he thinks of always having to clean up after himself! When you get married, purchase a home, and have children, the whole game changes. All of a sudden, you think less of yourself and all your energy goes to your family, where it belongs.



Introducing Essential Oils

For me, my life changed when my dental hygienist had an open conversation with me about essential oils during one of my teeth cleaning appointments. We had a great discussion about the benefits of the essential oils from a company called Young Living. At that time, their products were mainly bottled oils, from seeds planted, grown, and distilled at Young Living farms throughout the world. From that moment on, I was sold and immediately began a journey to a home of fewer chemicals. One of my favorite ways to use essential oils is by diffusing them into our air. Check out this post about which essential oil diffuser I recommend.

Ditch And Switch

Over the years, Young Living has evolved into selling more than just essential oils. Don’t get me wrong, I still love them and we use them every single day. However, they have expanded to having a chemical-free makeup line, toothpaste, cleaning products, hair care products, soaps, lip balms, laundry detergent, CBD products, supplements, foods, and so much more! When Young Living began marketing all these newer products, we made the decision to start getting rid of things we already owned and replace them with products that were safe for our family. This has proven to be one of the best decisions we have made. Of all the products Young Living sells, one of my favorite items is their all-purpose cleaner, Thieves Household Cleaner.

If you are interested in learning more about Young Living, please refer to this post. In it, you will also find detailed information on how to get started using Young Living products in your home! I would love to help you begin your journey to ditching the chemicals and switching to products that are 100% safe for you and your loved ones.


Last Tip little boy mopping floor

The other day, I was cleaning our floors. As curiosity struck the 4-year-old, he asked what I was cleaning with. Was I using chemicals to clean our floor? I was able to share with him that I thought his question was a brilliant one. I told him that I was cleaning our floor with a steamer that used only water – no chemicals! He was delighted to hear that and even took over the fun steaming duties!

In case you’re wondering, I’ve been steaming our floors for years. I love the products made by Shark. The steamers clean the floor by heating water and using steam and the cloth on the mop head. You can check out this video and see it in action!


—> Click To Learn More!


Final Thoughts

The kids and I have had several successful discussions and learning opportunities regarding chemicals. I can only hope that I have instilled in them the many positives that come with zero to little chemical use. I know that sometimes it is unavoidable, but we deal with each situation differently. If you have any questions or comments on either Young Living, the Shark steamer, or cleaner living, please reach out in the comments! I would love to help you!

Live Your Best Life!

27 thoughts on “Cleaning Without Chemicals ~ Better Alternatives You Should Consider”

  1. riverdogg says:

    Good post on cleaning without chemicals. I try to clean without chemicals as often as I can but when I do I usually use bleach. Non-chemicals I sometimes clean with are white vinegar diluted a bit with water, baking soda and water, and of course citrus juice (lemons, oranges juice based products). Nice topic, we all need to get less chemicals in our daily lives. I think it would raise everyone’s health to a better spot.

    1. admin says:

      Thank you for visiting!  I completely agree with you about raising awareness!  These chemicals in some of these products are very dangerous to our bodies!  I’m worried about the health and well-being of my children.  I try to keep them away from as many chemicals as possible.  Lemon essential oil is included in the Thieves Cleaner – you’re spot on there, my friend!  Happy Cleaning!  

  2. Rodarrick says:

    Cleaning without chemical? Wow! This is really great to see and I learnt very well. It is not just about the cleaning but based on the fact that you could suggest steaming is great. I have never considered doing that before but then, it seems great enough and also, it would be an effective means of limiting chemical use in my life. Thanks

    1. admin says:

      Thanks for sharing your opinion, Rodarrick!  I agree – it is beneficial for us to know what is in our products and limit the harmful ones as best as we can!  Definitely look into purchasing a steamer!  I love ours!!

  3. Shelley says:

    Well! I have been trying to reduce chemical involvement in my life to a very bare minimum and I’m glad you shared this post here. I believe that if we all make the decision to reduce chemical in use, then we can really be more healthier. This is great one from you and I will try the seaming out too soon. Thanks

    1. admin says:

      Hi, Shelley!  

      Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read my post about safer cleaning alternatives!  Definitely look into steaming – there are so many great benefits! Happy Cleaning!

  4. Wildecoll says:

    For someone like me who have kids around, making use of chemicals or having them around can be very dangerous and harmful to them so it’s always advisable to try as much as possible to Saturday away from the use of chemicals, when also told my wife about this idea, she was like what are we gonna be using so we started making researches on some alternatives. I’ve enjoyed the fact that you thought others through your experience, it’s nice.

    1. admin says:

      I agree with you!  Some of the products available for purchase have extremely toxic ingredients in them.  I am so happy to have ditched all our chemicals and found a great replacement!  I’m happy you and your wife are looking into alternatives!  That’s great!  Thank you for stopping by and leaving your thoughts!  I appreciate it!

  5. Antonio says:


    I have also been interested in cleaning using biodegradable, non-toxic and environmentally friendly manner. I try to avoid harsh chemicals as much as possible but sometimes you need to use chemicals as nothing else works. Believe it or not bleach, sodium hypochlorite is environmental friendly as it breaks done to sodium chloride and oxygen, two harmless products

    You cannot clean anything without chemicals, as water is in fact a chemical. No chemical implies a vacuum, where no atoms of anything exists. It is more accurate to refer to as harsh chemicals. I agree with you as harsh chemicals can effect you in certain ways.  The range of harsh chemical free products is thankfully increasing. I use steam as well.



    1. admin says:

      Hi, Antonio!  I sure appreciate your insight here!  However, I don’t fully agree that bleach should be considered a ‘safe’ chemical, especially where my children are concerned.  I know the effects it has on me and would not want to put my children in harm’s way.  

      I hear what you’re saying about water being a chemical.  I do realize this, but my point is that water is a far better substitute than chemically-laden products you can purchase from the store.  To be frank, no one considers water a chemical when choosing to use it as a cleaning substitute.  Thank you for sharing your comments. Happy Cleaning!

  6. Wildecoll says:

    I really commend your efforts for bringing together this amazing article, it’s not a common thing to see where people will share their own personal experience just to make others learn from it. It’s very true that having these chemicals around can be detrimental to the health of our family most especially kids, thanks for the enlightenment, it’s of immense benefits to me.

    1. admin says:

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving your thoughts!  I appreciate it!  I believe there is still far too little awareness regarding the dangers of harsh chemicals.  I’m hoping to make a difference in the lives of my kiddos and showing them better alternatives.   

  7. Henderson says:

    Cleaning without chemicals sounds pretty good to me even though I have not thought to give it a try yet at all. I like the fact that you could give us an insight into your family too. I only clean my floors with some soap I get. I suppose one should be able to get anything better. I’m sure you have a wonderful kid who decided to help you out. Nice post!

    1. admin says:

      Thank you, Henderson!  I appreciate your taking the time to read and comment!  My family is terrific and it’s because of my Gram that I enjoy cleaning (perhaps a little too much)!  At any rate, I’m loving the chemical-free approach!  

  8. Mahasin1 says:

    Thanks for the info. It’s because of you that I will decide to give these essential oils a try. I was surprised to see that they offer so many household products and the benefits they offer. I really like a defuser that smells good. I hope I can find one when I go to their website.

    1. admin says:

      Fantastic news!  I hope you enjoy the essential oils and the other products available!  Check out the website.  If you have questions, please feel free to reach out.  I’d love to help you begin this new journey to a cleaner way of living!

  9. Benson says:

    Cleaning is an old habit for me as it has come this far with me too. I hated to see my stuffs dirty and most especially my room. Although i never got to use any form of chemical while growing up, but when i started living on my own i became a bit of a chemical using person. It have caused me some other health issues, and since then i have stopped using it. For me chemical cleaning isn’t always the best.

    1. admin says:

      Hey, Benson!  I’m sorry to hear that chemicals have been creating a healthy nuisance for you.  However, that’s the very real danger that cleaning with chemicals can produce.  It’s best for me and my family to steer clear of harsh cleaning products.  I’ve found what’s working for us.  I wish you better health – and harmless products!  I hope you find some that will work for you!

  10. Mugalu Mansoor says:

    Thanks for sharing with us your childhood story it was really fun and interesting and by this article I have got to know how harmful or dangerous are the chemicals we use to clean though I have been experiencing some of these dangers, I didn’t know the right chemical free things to use by this great article I have got one thanks very much for this wonderful article. 

    1. admin says:

      I’m so glad I was able to help point you in the directions for better cleaning alternatives!  Good luck with your search.  I hope you’re able to find something that’s best for you and your health!  

  11. Bella says:

    Making use of substances that has a certain percentage of chemical is something i am really bent on avoiding for some time now, ranging from cleaning my house to my personal use. Chemical products are not always the best considering the fact that they can cause so may health issue and some can be very difficult to treat. I have been more of an organic products lady and i am getting things done like that. Cheers.

    1. admin says:

      Hi, Bella!  Thank you for sharing your thoughts on cleaning with chemicals!  I’m happy to hear you’re taking a more organic approach!  That’s definitely better for your health!  Thanks again for your comment!!

  12. Edwin Bernard says:

    I wholly agree that chemical free cleaning agents is the way to go. It’s good for humans as well as for pets. Lemon and vinegar are good examples of natural cleaning agents. One of my favorites is the floor steam cleaner. Your article mentioned steam cleaning that made me smile.

    Keep up the good word in spreading the message of chemical free cleaning.


    1. admin says:

      Hi, Edwin! 

      I appreciate your insight and am so happy you stopped by!  I have found that one of my favorite cleaning mechanisms is my Shark steamer.  I use it all the time.  The fact that no harsh chemicals make it absolutely safe for our home!  Happy cleaning, my friend!!  

  13. Heidi, I love this post. I have been thinking about getting away from chemicals myself and you really quirk my interest in Young Living when you brought up that they have make up. I will definitely check them out. Everything looks so clean and organized. Great job. Have a blessed time where ever you are. Charlotte

    1. admin says:

      Hi, Charlotte!

      Thank you so much for stopping by today! I just love Young Living and I think that you will also! They have wonderful products and a makeup line that you will love! If you have any questions, please reach out. I would love to help you! All the best to you!

  14. Jef says:

    I agree totally with you from my own memories of my grandmother always cleaning with chemicals, and being I am a high allergy person I have had to find ways to function without those nasty chemicals.

    I love essential oils and even my dogs love them, well maybe not exactly love them but they do tolerate me applying them on them to keep the fleas and ticks off of them without using chemicals.

    I love your friendly, mountain girl personality that you can feel from your posts, how could anyone not trust such a sweet and honest person like you.

    Happy Holidays

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